/Bryan Cantrill

Rust After The Honeymoon tl;dr: Bryan outlines personal reasons he's enjoying Rust. "Some are tiny but beautiful details that allow me to indulge in the pleasure of the craft; some are much more profound features that represent important advances in the state of the art."

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The Soul Of A New Computer Company tl;dr: Bryan Catrill is launching Oxide, a new computer company that comes from a deep-rooted philosophy that hardware and software should each be built with the each other in mind ground-up.

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No Moore Left to Give: Enterprise Computing After Moore's Law (Video) tl;dr: Moore's Law has driven massive growth but is becoming economically unviable. Bryan runs through his take on the future of computing, and the avenues that could take over.

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Ethical Dilemmas in Software Engineering (Video) tl;dr: 45 mins talk on the new dilemmas faced by software engineers, as software "eats the world", technology decision come with increasing pressure and responsibility.

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Leadership Without Management: Scaling Organizations by Scaling Engineers (2013) tl;dr: Adding engineers to a late project doesn't help. Scale by adding a few number of the best engineers. An outline of how to attract them, demotivating factors & where to find them. Funny hour long presentation 😂.

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