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Avoiding Internet Centralization

- Mark Nottingham tl;dr: "While the Internet was designed and founded as a decentralized network-of-networks, it is continuously subjected to forces that encourage its centralization." This document attempts to identify different types of centralization, catalogues some limitations to common approaches to controlling it, and recommends best practices for protocol designers.

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An Open Letter Against Apple's Privacy-Invasive Content Scanning Technology

tl;dr: "While child exploitation is a serious problem, and while efforts to combat it are almost unquestionably well-intentioned, Apple's proposal introduces a backdoor that threatens to undermine fundamental privacy protections for all users of Apple products."

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Standing Up For Developers: Youtube-dl Is Back

- Abby Vollmer tl;dr: "We share developers’ frustration with this takedown—especially since this project has many legitimate purposes." Github outlines how they're changing their review process moving forward.

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Cloudflare Outage And The Risk In Today's Internet

- Guillermo Garron tl;dr: A small number of companies manage a large portion of the internet's infrastructure. This trends towards a single point of failure and places greater power in the hands of a few.

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The Status of HTTP/3

- Sergio De Simone tl;dr: "HTTP/3 promises to make Internet connections faster, more reliable, and more secure." QUIC is integral to HTTP/3 and tries to "solve the major issues experienced when using the TCP protocol."

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A Framework for Regulating Competition on the Internet

- Ben Thompson tl;dr: The biggest task regulating large tech companies is to decouple platforms e.g. Apple's App Store and data aggregators e.g. Google. Ben highlights the difference in how they operate, monetize and the incentive hierarchy around each.

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Questions About .Org

- Mark Surman tl;dr: The Internet Society announced plans to sell the organization that manages all .org domain names to a private equity firm. Mark asks if a private company can safeguard the stewardship of these domains, along with other governance questions.

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Ethical Dilemmas in Software Engineering (Video)

- Bryan Cantrill tl;dr: 45 mins talk on the new dilemmas faced by software engineers, as software "eats the world", technology decision come with increasing pressure and responsibility.

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Why I (Still) Love Tech: In Defense of a Difficult Industry

- Paul Ford tl;dr: The author expresses his love for technology and the conflict he sees in an industry that's evolved from small, marginal communities of programmers and technologists who share his love to what it's become.

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A Regulatory Framework For The Internet

- Ben Thompson tl;dr: Proposal that ad-sponsored platforms such as FB should be government regulated, whereas other platforms should be market regulated. The underlying delineation is that problematic content is not built into the pricing model of an ad-sponsored platform.

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