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- Adilet Zhaxybay tl;dr: "The purpose is to help you prepare for software engineering interviews."

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The 40 Best Questions To Ask In An Interview — How To Go Deeper Than “What’s the Culture Like?”

tl;dr: Questions are divided into categories, such as Company Growth and Diversity. Examples of questions are "what are some of the key financial metrics that the company optimizes for? What is the title of the most senior underrepresented person at the company?"

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How to Spot Toxic Software Jobs From Their Descriptions

- Michael Vinh Xuan Thanh tl;dr: With real examples, Michael illustrates descriptions asking (1) developers to own more than one part of the development process (2) listing too many qualities for a junior level position (3) lacking clarity on the role.

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What I Learned From Doing 60+ Technical Interviews In 30 Days

- Uduak Obong-Eren tl;dr: Uduak guides through 13 things he's learned before, during and after interviews, such as how to handle introductory phone and technical phone calls, what to do when you’re stuck on a problem in the interview, and more.

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Passing Your Senior Engineering Coding Interview

- Steven Heidel tl;dr: How to get prepared, choosing the right practice problems, knowing the right things and a recommended study plan.

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Lockable Tree - Google Interview Question

- Teoman Soygul tl;dr: "A lockable tree is a tree with nodes that can be locked if none of its ancestors or descendants is locked. We are asked to implement locking/unlocking operations that should run in O(h) time where h is the height of the tree. Lock/unlock methods do not need to be thread-safe."

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70 JavaScript Interview Questions

- Mark Abeto tl;dr: Mark lays out common JavaScript interview questions answering each one.

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The (Real) 11 Reasons I Don't Hire You

- Charity Majors tl;dr: Being rejected from a job interview is often taken personally. This is an exhaustive list of why someone may not be hired and the nuances behind hiring decisions.

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Reverse Interview

tl;dr: Crowdsourced thorough list of questions you can ask an interviewer to ensure you are vetting the company and position.

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The Interview Study Guide For Software Engineers

- SeattleDataGuy tl;dr: "There are a number of subjects that need to be covered in order to ensure you are ready for back-to-back questions on algorithms, data structures, design, optimization and honestly just an ever growing basket of subjects."

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