Developer Tools Secrets That Shouldn’t Be Secrets

- Christian Heilmann tl;dr: (1) Console is more than log() - it's console.log(width), console.error(), console.trace(), etc... (2) You can log without source access. (3) You can log outside the browser i.e. in the VS Code debugger. (4) You can inject code into any site. And more.

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Do-nothing Scripting: The Key To Gradual Automation

- Dan Slimmon tl;dr: There are often procedures that need automating. They are focus-intensive yet require little thought. These are a "slog" and can be turned into a "do-nothing script" that "encodes the instructions of a slog, encapsulating each step (that needs to happen) in a function." Dan provides an example and believes the value is immense - (1) it's easier to power through the slog. (2) It's requires less activation energy. (3) It makes future automation easier.

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When Costs Are Nonlinear, Keep It Small

- Jessica Kerr tl;dr: "Do the easy boring job regularly, instead of the hard scary job in a panic." Jessica highlights the increasing, non-linear costs incurred when we don't repair something often and frequently.

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Hard To Discover Tips And Apps For Making MacOS Pleasant

- Tristan Hume tl;dr: "Inspired by a few different conversations with friends who’ve switched to macOS where I give them a whole bunch of tips and recommendations..." Tristan also provides suggestions for iOS and productivity apps.

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80-characters-per-line Limits Should Be Terminal, Says Linux Kernel Chief Linus Torvalds

- Simon Sharwood tl;dr: "Linus Torvalds has railed against 80-character-lines as a de facto programming standard and has moved to make reminders to keep things short a thing of the past."

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GitHub Protips: Tips, Tricks, Hacks, And Secrets From Lee Reilly

- Lee Reilly tl;dr: Make your @mentions stand out, using dark theme, markdown formatting tips and more.

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Words Are Hard - An Essay on Communicating With Non-Programmers

- Michael Bryan tl;dr: Communicating engineering to non-programmers can be an important part of the job and, often, programmers shy away. Michael explains strategies and techniques he uses. 

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Goodbye, Clean Code

- Dan Abramov tl;dr: Developers strive for cleaner code. There's an inflection point when a developer starts writing code in abstraction, this feels like a "super power." Dan learnt this comes with its own trade-offs. "Clean code is not a goal."

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Notes On Technical Writing

- Marcus Kazmierczak tl;dr: Marcus frequently writes documentation for Wordpress. Here, he guides us through some of his learnings, including the concept of Minimalist Instruction.

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Database Design Standards

- Curtis Poe tl;dr: Curtis runs through some tips on database design - whether to go with camel case names or underscore\_names, plural or singular tables, column naming, and more.

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