The Computer Pioneer Who Built Modern China

- Leila McNeill tl;dr: Considered to be the “Mother of Chinese Computing, not only did Xia Peisu build the first home grown computer, she pioneered the countries CS education systems.

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Software Development 450 Words Per Minute

- Tuukka Ojala tl;dr: This article demonstrates how Tuukka, a blind developer, writes code. He spends most of his time in the terminal, prefers Windows 10 as it's more accessible and has a screen reader that reads at 3x the speed that normal English is spoken. 

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Becoming A Bad-ass Engineering Leader: 5 Tried And True Lessons From A Woman Of Color

- Rukmini Reddy tl;dr: Reddy highlights the challenges she faced as she took on a lead engineer role, as both a female and person of color, along with the lessons she learned along the way.

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10 Women in Science and Tech Who Should Be Household Names

- Emily Dreyfuss tl;dr: List includes Fei-Fei Li, AI Researcher & Co-director of the Stanford Human Centered AI Institute, who is working on removing the inherent bias in algorithms, which are becoming increasingly influential in our world.

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